We offer any kind of:

  • Background and Foreground Task
  • SQLite Database Fixing
  • Firebase Database Enhancement and fixing

Have you ever faced the problems in any application? It could be for example:

  • uncomfortable navigation and app architecture;
  • a difficult checkout process;
  • not supporting both landscape and portrait orientation;
  • requiring too many steps for doing something.

There are much more bugs which are not visible at first sight but the ones that make user experience miserable. If you don’t like bugs as much as we do, then you found the reliable companions on the warpath with bugs. We are offering you a service for making the app work smooth and straightforward. If you are the app developer, then you should take care of your customers. The product you develop definitely needs bug fixing, and we can do this job with eyes closed.

We have three types of packages suitable for different purposes and needs. Please select the one which is preferable in your case

$ 25
  • 1-3 bugs of any complexity level fixed
  • 2 days delivery
  • 3 revisions
$ 50
  • 5+ bugs of any complexity level fixed
  • 5 days delivery
  • 5 revisions
$ 75
  • 10+ bugs of any complexity level fixed
  • 7 days delivery
  • 7 revisions

We will thoroughly fix your application and remove all the bugs which can down your rating without any other change in your app. To order the service or find out more please connect us via email.