Subway Surfers


Relatively new gameplay for iPhone is delivered in run forever style. It is available in 3D being very realistic and...

Subway Surfers


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Subway Surfers

Relatively new gameplay for iPhone is delivered in run forever style. It is available in 3D being very realistic and free to play. Though, there is in-game currency which is to be spent on additional options allowing to get the high score. In order to buy these coins, a player should spend his real money.


Colorful and cartoon HD-graphics will afford pleasure even to fine judges of mobile games. The characters are cute, faces are kind, hues are bright. At the same time, you will notice that the surroundings do not vary a lot. And that can be dull a little bit. There is only one music track which is rather interesting but not memorable. It plays when a character runs.


The game is inspired by train surfing but the developers still apply some different activity. You will not find here any train journey that is why the subway surfing here looks like running on the ground but not on trains. The main character is a kid coming with two other children which should be paid for. He is painting graffiti on a train with his fellows and suddenly an inspector appears with his pitbull trying to punish the kids for vandalism. The kid who is governed by a player tries to escape jumping, rolling around obstacles and trains in the yard which move or stay. Simultaneously he should pick up power-ups, coins, and bonuses. The more he gathers, the higher score he will get. The route of his running changes.

If a boy is hit by a train, he is smacked into the screen. If the inspector and his dog manage to grab him, they will wait until the cops and parents come. The kid can apply a magnet to attract coins or a spraypaint-powered jetpack carrying him high.


The controls here are very simple and not tilt-based. In order to direct your character, you should swipe the touchscreen left or right. If you want him to jump, swipe up. If you suppose he should avoid obstacles and roll, swipe down. Though the response is fast and precise enough, sometimes those moves do not register as quickly as you expect from them. So, the practice is needed to avoid false moves.

In addition, you can switch lanes in mid-air choosing one of three: right, left, middle. To do this, again you should swipe your finger from one lane to another. You can do it even in mid-air. If while jumping a kid is in mid-air, you can make him come down to catch some item by drawing a finger down.

Replay Value

Perhaps it is not so interesting to repeat the same courses but still if you enjoy the game you can practice and find something new when starting again at the same level.


As a free game Subway Surfers is a funny game with live graphics especially if you are fond of such type of activity. If you have never played 3D games before, try it, and you will get a comprehensive idea of their peculiarities and advantages.


  • The game is free, but the in-game purchases are available.
  • 3D graphics provide particular pleasure.
  • It is definitely trendy being a sample of run forever style.

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