The game Dune! is so easy to play that someone can refuse it just for that reason. But this easiness...



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The game Dune! is so easy to play that someone can refuse it just for that reason. But this easiness is seeming. Here the precise actions do matter. It depends on what you expect to get when trying new gameplay. This one is developed for mobile devices so with high probability it is used when a player has just a little spare time to pick it up. Still, it is enjoyable.


The graphics are very clean. There are no characters or the complicated environment. You will see just Dunes, a line, ball and the Moon on the screen. The colors are bright enough but not too much: orange and blue with somewhat light-brown between. Dull? Not at all! Nothing diverts from the game itself. There is no soundtrack, you will play in silence. Though, vibration is available as an option which can be switched on and off. It appears when you crash or get a turbo.


In order to start playing, you should download the game and open it. From the very beginning, you are provided the tutorial explaining how you should behave within this environment. It is constantly upgraded. The purpose of the game is very simple. You are expected to launch a ball applying such controls as speed and timing so that it would get above the line which is specified on the screen. If you succeed in achieving this objective, you’ll earn a point. It is clear that the more points you get; the better result you will see. When jumping, you should remember that it is not good to jump too high because landing can lead to a crash. Single crash already means the end of the game.

In order to score more points, you can make smooth landing or getting really too high reaching the Moon and even beyond. But the latter way bears the risk.


There is only one control and that is the speed of a ball. Learning this skill can take quite a lot of time. In order to move a ball, you should touch it swiping down when a ball is in flight, and swiping up when it is on the ground. To increase the speed, you should hold a finger on the screen, to land, you should release it. Performance is not quite so simplistic!

Replay Value

Plenty of levels allows playing this game again and again. It can be compared with the endless runner style alternative. Though, the challenge lies in your skills and ability to apply needed pressure during the most suitable time when touching the screen. So, you will not be entertained with the new environment, characters, or tasks. But every further game will allow you to sharpen your skills and gain proficiency.


This is a relaxing game, though, some efforts are required especially when you try to focus on a ball and launch it. It can be rather amazing to achieve some result and try to beat the highest score of your own. We recommend it for those who like the approach.


  • Different styles of a ball and background are provided.
  • There is a lot of advertisement.
  • Rather addictive.

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