Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga is a free game with additional options which should be bought. The player can purchase extra lives,...

Candy Crush Saga


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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a free game with additional options which should be bought. The player can purchase extra lives, for example. In a month after release, it was considered the most downloaded mobile game. Today it proves to be extremely sticky. Regardless of its simplest purposes, it is very popular, and its updates continue. In new versions sound, graphics, and key mechanics are usually left the same. Changes can be found in the world map (you can play 3D game today) and more powerful characters.


Graphics are charming even being simple, not realistic, somewhat cartoonish. Bright colors attract players. Playing you meet amazing creatures and walking around delicious environments created by a designer fancily.


Candy Crush Saga is a very simple game which is developed for a preschooler, we would say. There is a king of an island guiding a player who is expected to register first and to choose an avatar. The registration allows continuing a game even when you use a different device. The key task is to match candies of the same color arranged in a board and to eliminate them. When you match more than three items, particular candies are suggested, which operates like power-ups being able to clean a board with more intensive capability. The first levels are rather easy, but then it becomes more complicated. In order to cope with those difficulties, various tools are delivered like a magic booster.

Here result depends on luck in some way. You cannot predict success and even influence it. Such approach attracts a lot of users instead of discouraging them from playing. That is a strategy applied in slot machines in online casinos. You can lose, but you win often enough, and that makes you hope for a new triumph. There is a kind of illusion allowing you to keep a game under control, but indeed it is hardly possible.

There is a range of in-game features.


To crash candies of one color, you should swipe over them in a row or connected shape. When they disappear, a new row will drop down. To increase the number of moves, you should get boosters, which are given as a gift or can be purchased.

Replay Value

This game is highly replayable due to the availability of more than 100 levels. You have slim chances to repeat yourself. You will overcome the levels, again and again, mastering your attention and speed of response.


The game in puzzle genre was released in 2012, and till now it has remained actual. It is a simple way to have some rest being involved in such a primitive activity. Candy Crush Saga is addictive, so if you start, you will hardly need our recommendations.


  • Can be played without spending money but there are chargeable options.
  • There are three related versions.
  • Extremely addictive.

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