Super Mario Run


Super Mario Run is a chargeable game for mobile devices. Its quality is not changed because of being moved in...

Super Mario Run


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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is a chargeable game for mobile devices. Its quality is not changed because of being moved in this format. You will be satisfied with options and design. The game requires practice to master the controls in order to achieve the best results. After some training, you will succeed in controlling Mario with one hand tapping on him while he is running.


If you know games developed by Nintendo, you will agree this is one of them due to a completely recognizable aesthetic. Bright colors, the funny key character, and cute obstacles make a positive impression.


The objective of a player is to achieve the place before time is out at the end of every level. Nothing new! This is the principal task of all Mario games. At that, Super Mario Run has a definite endpoint. As usual, Mario is expected to collect coins. There are gold coins and special ones which correspond every level. They are of black, purple, and pink colors. When you collect all the coins of one color, you pass to the next version of the level. It is not so easy, because some of them are hidden in places of hard access. The difficulty is that Mario runs automatically and he is expected to be at the point of destination in accordance with timing that is why it is crucial to collect them all in time. If you fail, you will have to start this level again.


There are automatic settings as to the direction, which Super Mario runs. It is from left to right. The character will jump if you tap on the screen. The longer you hold a finger tapped, the higher he jumps. This is an essential skill. You’d better master it so that your Mario would not miss the needed passage and secret coins. The runner does not have a lot of moves, but still, there are some of them, which are activated without your participation as a response to the existing environment or provided by applying the controls in the levels like grabbing a ledge. Another useful move is wall jumping activated by a tap on the character when he is climbing the wall. The difficulty is connected with your ability to tap with precision.

Replay Value

Though there are levels, a player still can replay the game if he wants. There is a lot of replayability depending on a player’s skills and choices he makes running to the point of destination.


Super Mario Run is that very game, which you enjoy without a doubt. The developers have managed to beat the odds and release a perfect mobile version of popular product. We definitely recommend it.


  • Three modes available which can be chosen at a player’s pleasure.
  • Simple but it progressively becomes more complicated as a player goes on.
  • Rather addictive.
  • First Nintendo mobile game.

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