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PUBG standing for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was released last year and became a real sensation. The turnover even exceeded the...

PUBG Mobile


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PUBG Mobile

PUBG standing for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was released last year and became a real sensation. The turnover even exceeded the battle royal gaming.


The game is well designed. PUBG for PC is a pretty good-looking game. Unfortunately, its picturesqueness fades to some degree in the Mobile version. Such robust features as particle effects and lighting which provides great feedback are not represented in this case as much as that. There are good reasons for this. Otherwise, hardware should be very powerful and the device becomes much more expensive. Thus, all elements which turn on in PC game are very demanding for hardware. As a result, we do not see them in this version. But there is good news. The characters, weapons, and nature look very well. Perhaps the textures are characterized by lower resolution. But are you able to estimate it properly on your little display? What can really be annoying is audio, which is noisy and indistinct while it is rather important to hear sounds, understand the direction they come from to learn an enemy’s location.


The player is represented by a mercenary who lands with other characters onto some deserted island where he faces a lot of enemies to fight up. There are no guns initially, thus the character is expected to find it in order to stay in the circle. The game’s map is large at the beginning but later due to a storm, it changes. Telling the truth, the concept is simple but the developers can complicate it over time. We have hopes of that.


The shooter does not have a great number of possibilities because here you will not find a lot of touchscreen controls. At least, a player can move a mercenary with a joystick, rotate the camera with a thumb dragging across the screen, open backpack, go prone, crouch and jump. There is an option of lining up a shot, a floating shoot button governed by a thumb touching the needed place and tapping it. After some tries, it becomes very easy and comfortable. All items are picked up automatically, arranged, and applied during a game. And that makes menu smaller and simpler. There are gyroscopic control options.

Replay Value

If you like shooting games and faced difficulties with some episodes, perhaps you will enjoy replaying, but in general, the replay is not breathtaking.


We suppose that this is an excellent game for mobile devices which is worth your attention. There is tension which keeps you away from getting bored. You never know where the next enemy will appear. It learns to react quickly, improves attentive behavior. If you are not demanding as to graphics, you will enjoy this game because it is quite different compared to other similar games. It is fun.


  • There is only PUBG’s original map.
  • All the weapons, gear, and vehicles are available.
  • The game is totally free.
  • Gameplay and daily login rewards provide battle points and account experience which can be spent on crates with the possibility to get clothing for a character.

Badges awarded

  • Thumbs Srat
  • Top App
  • App of the Month

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by Lisa Howard

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