Mobile Strike


Mobile Strike is a Massive Multiplayer Online game dedicated to the theme of modern war that was released in 2015....

Mobile Strike


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Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is a Massive Multiplayer Online game dedicated to the theme of modern war that was released in 2015. Here you will be involved in plenty of activities, but the key ones are internal construction and external destruction. Downloading the game is free, but if you are going to compete without obstacles, you are expected to buy packs to make playing worthy.


Graphics are good. The game is full of various elements which are mashed together. To cope with them you are to play on a device with a bigger screen. Otherwise, it will be rather difficult to see out and deal with all those elements. And due to rather quality images, the game can quickly discharge a battery.


Players build a military base, arrange troops to fight against enemies, command the army using tanks and helicopters, unlock assault vehicles, train Commander providing him with superior firepower, participate in all those challenges and enjoy playing. There are 16 types of troops which differ with peculiarities.

This game develops tactical mind forcing to think like opponents and trying to forecast their moves. As a strategy game, it makes a player’s success depends on his decisions and activities. After a successful battle, he will get a reward in the form of a report of the results: the reminder of resources and causalities.

There are also missions which should be completed if you want to get all available items making gameplay easier. You can see those items in the menu sections (special, resources, speed ups, war, and crates). They can be purchased with gold also.


There are buttons which should be tapped in order to perform acts. There are also static maps icons. To be sure you know everything suggested by the developer, use a tutorial which will explain all details.

Replay Value

Plenty of variants provides a player with almost a new game with the same graphics when he starts it afresh. Though the idea to spend money for smoother playing can be rather convincing, and that can cause large expenses.


We cannot say that this is a kid-friendly game though there is no valance on the screen. Here it is important to contact other players. There are three key activities in this game: gathering resources, building, and fighting. There are moments when players have to wait for a continuance, in this case, they can pay real money and speed the process up. The game is rather popular. So, if you are interested, you can spend hours here.


  • Combine building and fighting.
  • No graphic violence is shown during battles.
  • There is a long tutorial teaching to erect buildings and upgrade military structures.

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