Fire Emblem Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical game being a mobile version of the Fire Emblem series with almost the same...

Fire Emblem Heroes


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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical game being a mobile version of the Fire Emblem series with almost the same characters. It was released in 2017. Here there are characters wearing armor and participating in combats which are not bloody a lot. This is the basis of the game. It is free to download and play.


Being built in accordance with the key principles for the games on mobile, Fire Emblem Heroes is characterized by rich and stunning graphics. Almost all critics and users have given positive reviews. Here you will face an anime art style. All 2D characters are stunning.


There is a conflict between the two nations. Both sides summons Heroes from other worlds to defend the interests of each counterpart in battles. Summoning costs real money which is spent on the in-game currency orbs.

The player is to make hero collection. He can control up to 4 characters. Though, this is a secondary objective, achieving the best result is engrossing. The main goal is to win in battles against the enemy. Characters have physical, magical weapons and different restrictions in movements. It is important to train Heroes and develop their skills. In addition, you can play using one of the multiple game modes like Arena, Story, Training Tower and enjoy suggested opportunities to try out strategies and earn the orbs helping to unlock the next heroes. There are player phases when he attacks, and enemy phases. It is possible to provide the same range for an attacker and defender. You should understand that there is no element of chance meaning that a battle cannot end at random. It entirely depends on your skills, resources, and strategy.


In order to battle a player uses a touch screen. The controls are elegant and mostly represented by movements: tapping and swiping. In order to start, you should launch the game. You will be suggested to play the tutorial, then you are asked to create an account if you do not have it yet. Then you should have up to 27 orbs in order to summon heroes. All actions are performed by tapping the needed place on the screen. Just follow the instruction.

Replay Value

Players get plenty of dynamic scenarios and allowed to apply various modes. Everything is aimed at their satisfaction here. Being very generous the game offers numerous ways to win. You will never be born playing it even starting afresh.


There are a lot of options allowing to make the game really amazing. Summoning as much Heroes as you are able helps making a confident decision on which one is suitable for your team. You will battle, communicate, win, and enjoy this gameplay.


  • To play, you should create a Nintendo account which is available for players over 13 only.
  • The hero should be summoned, selected, and upgraded to their upper level.
  • Creation of couples among Heroes is possible.

Badges awarded

  • Thumbs Srat
  • Top App
  • App of the Month

Review Standarts

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Professional Review

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