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Google’s mobile phone Chrome has become even more successful compared with the web browser. It is characterized by high-speed performance...

Google Chrome


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Google Chrome

Google’s mobile phone Chrome has become even more successful compared with the web browser. It is characterized by high-speed performance and stability. Software and hardware are well synchronized here. In general, it is very similar to the full version. Key principles: Speed, Simplicity, and Security are actual here too. Even new trends do not remove the traditions. The app stays true to Google value.

Design and Usability

Being a part of Google ecosystem, Chrome has much in common with its elements. The design is round and flat with use of pleasant colors. The homepage is very useful. It is designed in such a way that you can tap on news site for instance from the new tab page. If you apply “Tap to Search”, it will be enough to tap on a word and Google starts searching. As to reachability - it is brilliant. User is expected to tap on the search icon and write in an active bar.

Key Functions

Google Chrome has a lot of features. User can easily search for needed material filling in the address bar or just browsing the web. There is even private Incognito mode, which will not show the visited sites to the third persons. In addition, the app is able to fill web forms automatically. Built-in Google Translate delivers rather quality translation of any page in a foreign language. It offers news articles which are arranged in accordance with a user’s preferences and provides links to his favorite sites. It is possible to view a webpage in offline mode if the page is saved. For those who have Google account, there are even more advantages. All things like tabs, history, usernames with passwords, and bookmarks will be synchronized.


In order to prevent placing cookies on a device, a user can activate the Do Not Track feature which is not bound, but almost all sites honor such request. The browser is also able to protect from phishing attacks with Safe Browsing technology warning a user about an unsafe site. Autofill is also under control with Chrome.


There are reasons for preferring Google's mobile browser as you see. If you use it on laptop, you will definitely agree with this statement. Imagine that it is just the best in its mobile version. The app is fast and very well protected.


  • Able to share data with all other Google apps of a user.
  • Being type less it is much faster. When you start typing results appear before you finish so you can choose the right spelling and save your time.
  • Thanks to option Incognito Browsing you can browse the Web without saving a history.
  • You can count on smart personalized recommendations feature delivering articles for a user selected in accordance with previous browsing history.
  • Google voice search is available for finding answers on your questions without typing them.

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