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Pokémon GO is an interactive mobile game developed by Nianti and released in 2016. It makes players go to various...

Pokemon Go


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Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is an interactive mobile game developed by Nianti and released in 2016. It makes players go to various physical locations which are specified on an online map, take items and the Pokemon there. It has been updated rather often until today. There is in-game currency and purchases, though you can download and play the basic game free of charge.


Technically the application is not perfect for the mobile format. But this matters if you are a demanding user. In general, the graphics are vivid and interesting. World’s resolution is high. The definition is realistic. There are numerous weather effects.


Being a treasure-hunting application, this game allows capturing Pokemon appeared on screen when you are in the required location. This is a real sensation in the global game environment! You explore new locations and gradually the appearance of Pokemon, which you meet, changes. The player can get boxes offering discounts on items (Incubators and Star Pieces) and a special festive Pikachu. Here battles are possible both in a one-on-one format and collective one. A player can achieve a trainer level where he can earn rewards useful in battles allowing to demonstrate exciting Pokémon skills when taking part in Trainer Battle Leagues. The game has been downloaded more than 850 million times and considered as the “Best Mobile Game.” Being highly educative it gives reasons to visit museums, exhibitions, historical places of the city, the area of natural beauty, and so on.

Thus, your objective is to complete a Pokédex. When you pass the next level, you gain the power to catch especially valuable Pokémon. The more creatures of the same kind you collect, the faster they evolve. There are various options to make the Pokémon stronger.


To capture Pokemon, a player should throw a ball at it by swiping on a screen of the gadget. GPS in your phone and an online map are used to fix the place where you are at the moment in the real world. Thus, the game tracks your location and responses on your movements automatically. So the main control is your body.

Replay Value

It is highly replayable being full of stories, scenarios, characters, and surprises. You cannot know for sure where this nature pops up that is why you can play it, again and again, discovering new possibilities.


The game is so popular that we hardly can add something else to its reputation. If you are over the age of thirteen, go on and join this community. You will enjoy! Though, the parents can set up the account for their little kids using an email address or a Pokemon Trainer account.


  • Requires to travel to various locations in the real world.
  • Allows players to battle for control of gyms – the winner gets the in-game reward.  
  • Being free still provides various chargeable options.

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Review Standarts

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Professional Review

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