Minecraft Pocket Edition


Minecraft was designed to unleash your creativity. There is a separate universe full of blocks and other figures. You can...

Minecraft Pocket Edition


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Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft was designed to unleash your creativity. There is a separate universe full of blocks and other figures. You can create whatever you want without limitations. The game was released in 2011 by Mojang, but it is still as popular as eight years ago. You can download Minecraft on the computer, tablet or mobile device. 


Overall, Minecraft has nice graphics. The game is made in a retro aesthetic style. As everything is built with blocks, there are no rounded corners, even in the clouds or trees. Maybe someone says that this simple design can prevent players from immerse but we think that this, on the contrary, gives the game charm. The colors are bright and saturate. There are a lot of shades, night effects, and simple animations. 


Being a sandbox game, Minecraft allows users to build everything they want using the computer or mobile devices. Players have to explore the territory, gather the resources, and craft the buildings or figures. There are five modes: creative, adventure, hardcore, spectator, and survival. 

In a creative mode, you can focus on building without any disturbances.  A player has access to all resources, and you can not worry that your character will become hungry. In contrast, in survival mode, the players have to gather natural resources, manage only a limited number of items, and carry about a hunger bar. The hardcore mode is a heavier version of the survival regime but with permanent death. The adventure mode comes with more adventure experience rather than crafting. And the last but not the least, spectator regime lets you watch the gameplay without actually interacting. Moreover, you can switch between multiplayer and single-player modes. A multiplayer regime is available on Realms and Xbox. 


The game has simple and intuitive controls. If you play on the mobile device, you can use a finger and a touchscreen to move and customize the character. And if you play on the computer, you have more opportunities. You can use both a mouse and a keyboard. Moreover, some of the controls can be reconfigured in the settings screen. The developers made a list of commands that you can use and publish it on the official site so the players can familiarize themselves with it anytime. There are commands that are available in any modes or commands that are specified only to one or two modes. 

Replay Value

Minecraft has 5 modes, an opportunity to play online with friends via a multiplayer mode, good graphics, and unique music. All these factors get the game a high rank of replay value. Moreover, a player can customize the character and discover different packages made by users in the marketplace. It includes texture, skins, and maps bundles. 


Minecraft is a great game with lots of exciting features and customizing options. It is suitable for people of any age. You can explore the territory, gather the resources, and build the figures on the mobile device on the computer. Also, the game has a simple control panel on all devices. 


  • The game has 5 modes and a multiplayer regime; 

  • The players can craft whatever they want without any restrictions;

  • Good soundtracks;

  • A marketplace with additional packages you can buy; 

  • A list of slash commands.

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