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Clean Master is well known and reputable Android mobile cleaner, optimizer, and security application. It improves a device’s performance by...

Clean Master


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Clean Master

Clean Master is well known and reputable Android mobile cleaner, optimizer, and security application. It improves a device’s performance by deleting the files unnecessary for its operation and arranging the applications installed. As a result, you have more memory and enjoy the smoother experience.

Design and Usability

Clean Master is comprehensive, but some of its functions can be confusing. It is recommended to follow instructions before start applying it. The interface is simple and user-friendly. Tapping on “Start” you will find Home screen with the button Advanced in the top right. Activating it, you get a list of options. Each of them will show the content recommended for deleting. There are also various tools like one checking the temperature of the processor, antivirus, app manager helping to uninstall apps, remove files or move them to storage. There are settings menu with clear names of sections. On the Home page, there is also the button Me. Here you find most settings you may need.

Key Functions

The mobile devices are always full of old forgotten files and pictures, some applications which are not used any longer. And all that stuff takes place in memory. To get rid of it, you can apply this clean master being one of the most popular application. It can be even pre-installed. When launching it starts scanning and show the files which it specifies as junk. Here you can find data which is not used by apps any longer, cached files. It let you know all the essential information about files which it suggests to delete. You are recommended to read them and do not agree without understanding what you are going to remove from your device.  The app also informs of how much space will appear after cleaning. There is Battery saver which tell you which apps consume too much power.


This application is compatible with most Android devices. It operates without fall being very stable. Moreover, the developer does not collect any personal information about users. There has been no evidence of any security risk connected with this app. Though it can deliver some ads.


So, download, install and start this app if you want to optimize the operation of your smartphone. It will save your time because you have nothing to do manually. This application promises a lot of benefits and performs them to the highest extent. The worst things that can be is Android will cancel the benefits re-opening the apps which are deleted.


  • Ignore list consisting of a file which will never be cleaned.
  • Auto cleaning starting when the preset reminder is on.
  • It is considered to be very secure.
  • The app is the best product for Android nowadays.

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