The game was released in 2017 being aimed at the audience of tweens and up. This is a free game...



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The game was released in 2017 being aimed at the audience of tweens and up. This is a free game that can be downloaded almost on any device.


The game is designed in a very bright and realistic manner with mountain and forest landscapes. It becomes even better because every week the developer offers updates and new challenges. What sets Fortnite apart from other battle games is a building system. There are extremely vivid colors of the Island and cities situated on it. The player is offered to use a range of settings to change the effects like discounting or disabling shadows, applying anti-aliasing, raising or on the contrary lowering textures, governing rocket plumes or water surfaces.


In general, gameplay is simple but providing immersive gaming experience. The players have to survive in the aggressive world inhabited with different violent characters looking like a zombie. They are controlled by the game, or if a cooperative mode is on, they can be directed by other players. All fights on the screen are cartoonish, but can be cruel sometimes.

There are three versions of this game with rather similar gameplay. Fortnite: Save the World is intended for a group of players consisting of up to four persons, which both fight off and defend objects built by them. Fortnite Battle Royale is available for up to 100 persons playing until the last player remains. They can compete all together or individually. Fortnite Creative allows its players to create their own worlds and build arenas for fighting. The last one has become available since December 2018. Still, the most popular one is the second version.

In order to start playing it is necessary to send an email address for verification that allows creating an account under a username. The players of any age have access to this game but formally it is rated 12 +.


The various actions of characters are performed with correspondent keys. While fighting a player can shoot, target or focus, jump, sprint, crouch, and move in four directions. It is possible to switch between build and combat modes and select weapon slot. There are also controls for such functions as building and communication.

Replay Value

Taking into account the weekly updates, you can play this game endlessly. In addition, though the game itself is free, there are season battle passes, summit striker pack, seep freeze bundle, which should be bought. It is easy to do if you have V-Backs which can be purchased for cash. This is the Fortnite’s currency.


Strip Fortnite has become a real trend nowadays. The game is popular and of rather high quality. We recommend it but watch the kids not to get addicted and spend too much time inside this virtual world.


  • Creative. Players are enabled to establish his rules, buildings, create their own worlds.
  • Bright. Graphics are attractive and quite realistic.
  • Extremely popular. Being free and intended for multiplayer format it has found a ready market.

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