Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Animal Crossing is a game providing fun, useful mechanics and thrilling activities. The player is expected to communicate with animals,...

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is a game providing fun, useful mechanics and thrilling activities. The player is expected to communicate with animals, hunt bugs, collect fruits, arrange the space where he lives. This is a simple game for playing somewhere while waiting for transport for instance. It was launched in 2017. You are not required to pay for downloading, installing, and playing the game but there are additional options which should be bought.


The design is clever. There are a lot of flowers like tulips, clover, and others, trees, bushes, weeds, butterflies, fish, accessories. The sky has a realistic cloud texture. But the background is just a plain line changing color in accordance with the season. Such tiny details cannot impact the game, but some people may feel annoying because too simple design prevents from immersion.


Being a time-based simulation game, it suggests players care for some animals using their mobile devices. The story is set in a campsite. You are expected to perform tasks here, to harvest fruit, meet visitors, earn materials, and buy various things to deck out the dwelling. The purpose is to attract as many animals into a campground as possible. There is also the option of earning various items like "leaf tickets" – local currency. It allows to speed up the processes and to facilitate the charges. The currency is purchased for real money.

In general, playing is simple. Just develop strategy and follow the plan in order to avoid mistakes. Though if you make them, you are suggested to return and fix, if you want. There is a comprehensive guide for beginners with tips and tricks for the better result.


Starting fresh a player creates his character and having a possibility to change and feature during the game. Using your fingers, touch the screen to choose between suggested options: male or female, blue or green eyes, long or short hair and so on. When it is made, you drive to the campsite and see the menu with controls. In order to send your character in any direction, you should tap the screen or make a path on the screen dragging a finger through it. If you want to interact with someone again - tap it. If you want to pick up fruit, tap it. If you want to shake a tree, tap it.  If you want to incorporate a new item, tap on the phrase “Place new item” displayed on the screen. At the beginning you will be offered for options, determining the type of campsite and animals which will live in it.

Replay Value

Taking into account the existing availability of options, a player can play almost various games every time when he starts it again. If you are not tired of the suggested theme, go on! Improve your skills in the arrangement of the campsite for your guests.


The challenge of this game is to make every animal existing in the game to join the campsite and to fill in a furniture catalogue to the fullest extent. This is enough for spending some time being involved in simple activities.


  • There is in-game currency - leaf tickets.
  • Players have the possibility to speed up the events.
  • Playing game is free, but there are optional purchases.

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