Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Burj Khalifa or Tanjong Pagar Centre from Singapore? Is this a painting by Peter Rubens or Michelangelo Buonarroti? So many questions there are to answer. And your phone camera can actually do a magnificent job at providing answers. Just pick one of the apps that specialize at identifying objects!  

1. Cam Find — Almost like Google, only for images

Cam Find app screenshot

Cam Find is a pioneering search engine/ mobile app. It can provide exhaustive information on anything you may encounter in reality. Simply snap a picture of the object in question, and you'll literally be buried under an avalanche of search results. Apart from pictures and videos, you will also get a chance for comparing prices for the object you searched for: golden brooch, kitty-cat tea mug, Death Angel Biker Club cigarette case, and so forth.
Cam Find liberates you from having to type in another search request manually.

2. Flow Powered — Shopping can be easy

Flow Powered has been developed by Amazon. And it's one of the best ways to do shopping online, especially if you know really nothing about an item you dream of possessing. Flow Powered does a good job of finding books, music albums, magazines, Blu-rays and DVDs and many other things. Simply start it up and aim your camera at the product's barcode. You'll be provided with its:

  • Name;
  • Price comparison option;
  • Release date;
  • Customer reviews;
  • Delivery time;
  • Discount and sales info and so forth.

Flow Powered keeps all of your search requests in history, so you can access them anytime. That's handy when it comes to making wish lists, picking a present, and making a final decision on which fine China set to choose: with swans or sakura petals? Flow Powered takes online shopping to the next level.

3. CalorieMama — Know what you munch

CalorieMama app screenshot

A biscotti, quesadilla or Greek baklava with a cowberry jam sure look tempting on the plate. But do you know how many calories they could possibly contain? You don't need to calculate their amount yourself when you have CalorieMama! This app specializes in identifying foods in real-time. Based on the results received from comparing your meal to matching online images, you'll be provided with an exact number of calories that you're about to consume.
Additionally, there are workout plans & schedules, Vegan and Keto meals, recipes, and diet recommendations. Also, there is a feature for creating a meal chart to estimate and regulate your daily calorie intake. CalorieMama is perfect for those who worry about their health, diet, and shape.

4. Google Lens — The magic and all-knowing lens

Google Lens iOS app screenshot

Google is a name that speaks for itself. And Google Lens does pretty much the same thing as the famous search engine. Only it specializes in recognizing visual images, not words or verbal commands. Take a pic of something, and Google Lens will give you a whole lecture. For instance, if you snap a pic of the Empire State Building, you will learn that:

  • It's 443 meters tall;
  • Its architectural style is called Art Deco;
  • It took just 20 months to finish the whole project,
  • Its upper tower was added as a mooring mast for blimps.

Whatever it is — a rare caterpillar species Dalceridae, baroque painting from Toscana or a panoramic view of some mysterious, but the majestic city — Google Lens will identify anything and provide some substantial knowledge. Google Lens knows everything about everything. And so will you.

5. LeafSnap — Let's learn some biology!

LeafSnap app screenshot

LeafSnap is a unique egg in the basket. Why? Because probably even Google Lens won't compete with its superior knowledge database on the world of plants and animals. The algorithm is simple: snap a plant picture and tap it to begin identification.

LeafSnap is a perfect tool to get school students more educated about Mother nature and teach them which berries, fruit, etc. are edible. Survivalists may appreciate LeafSnap as well since it can tell you if a berry you're holding in the palm of your hand is poisonous or not.

Unfortunately, the application is so far exclusively available on iOS gadgets. It covers only flora and fauna of Canada and the USA. As for its knowledge catalogue — it's supported by NY's Columbia University. LeafSnap will be your personal adviser on wild nature.

6.SkySafari — Stargazer's dream

SkySafari app screenshot

SkySafari is a free mobile app for identifying astronomical objects. See a big bright dot in the sky? Wonder what that could be? Point the gadget's camera at the heavenly body in question and SkySafari will tell you the name, object type, and many other interesting facts.

It knows a lot of planets, constellations, stars, satellites, and so on. But there's more to be offered! For instance, there's a rich image collection taken with the Hubble Telescope and provided by NASA. In case you wonder what the sky looked like a millennium ago when Vikings were still around — SkySafari will model it for you. And if you happen to be a lucky owner of a smart telescope that can be controlled from iOS/Android — the app will turn your phone into an RC device. SkySafari will surely help you locate Uranus.

7. NotHotdog — The app that guards your mouth

In case you've been experiencing any problems with telling a hotdog from other objects — this app will be your life-saver. In a joking manner, NotHotdog is capable to identify hotdogs only. All other items get 'rewarded' with a red cross and a shameful conclusion: Not Hotdog.

That's everything the clever app can do, but at least you won't confuse, let's say, a napkin dispenser for a good Frankfurter. That’s something! The identification results can be shared with your friends for a giggle, but don’t overuse it since the flavor may vanish quickly. NotHotdog will protect your taste buds from anything that isn't a sausage wrapped in baked dough.

Identification complete

So far these are the best object-identifying apps the mobile market has. If you know the one that does a marvelous job but wasn't mentioned here — please, identify it and share it with us in the comments below!