Emoji is a pleasant addition to online communication. You are suggested to make messaging alive and emotional even if you do not want to enter a lot of words – an image will compensate for a brief content. This is a kind of assistant which help to express thoughts clearly. Being small icons they are easily inserted into a text. Emojis bring a reader to laugh even if they are funny. There are so many of them developed in various genres that you can choose.

There are applications developed just for a purpose to deliver the richest collection of such emojis. It can be confusing to decide on one of them and install on your device. We have narrowed the assortment for you. Take a look and find the one or several of them.

Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji application screenshots

Lets’ start from the best app, in our opinion. By the way, the app can be uploaded on both Android and iPhone devices. It contains 2 000 stickers and emojis of high quality and has an exclusive design. In addition, you will get Gifs and tools to create your own animated images. It is possible to send stickers to such apps as Whatsapp and Facebook.

Flash Keyboard – Emoji & Theme

Flash Keyboard – Emoji & Theme application screenshots

If the above app offers the best-designed emojis, this app provides the largest amount of them, including personalized themes. You will hardly be bored with it. You can type fast with its help, and the app will remember your writing style to adapt its autocorrect to your frequent vocabulary. It is possible to choose one of several layouts available and any language of over 50 ones supported.

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard application screenshots

This app combines a keyboard and a set of emojis, in-built stickers, GIFs. Here artificial intelligence will also learn your writing style for enabling its predictive text feature. Thus, you will feel how easy it is to write messages here. But this app is not customized. If it’s ok for you, try it. Its definite value is the support of 300 languages.

Emoji keyboard

Emoji keyboard application screenshots

It allows to send all that app delivers to any social media site. You can change fonts, add decoration to your texts using over 100 keyboard themes in addition to various clip arts and stickers. It completes the word with a further offer of a next-word prediction. You will spend minimum time on messaging. It supports over 150 languages.

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji application screenshots

This software is rather popular due to customization. You can create your own digital avatar and apply all emojis it contains in its library to make chatting exciting. It brings the emojis and stickers direct to the keyboard, and that is very convenient. We’re sure you will appreciate this option.

Emoji Keyboard by LINE

Emoji Keyboard by LINE application screenshots

This app is in high demand because it delivers hundreds of beautiful stickers and emojis, which can be added to the text automatically. Emoji Keyboard by Line helps to add 3 000 stickers and emojis of unique style in texts.

Emoji Keyboard Pro

Emoji Keyboard Pro application screenshots

The professional approach is in any detail of this app. It suggests a fully functional keyboard and tools to customize by user’s preferences. There is a search engine allowing you to find sticks or gifs you like and share them. It is easy to create your own image too.

Keymoji: Emoji Keyboard

Keymoji: Emoji Keyboard application screenshots

Keymoji is a world of emojis which are gathered from different sources with regular updates. Here you will find descriptions telling you what every emoji means. It can be used as a kind of tutorial teaching how you should apply those funny images. It shows them with a text so that you can be sure to understand the meaning and the context it is better to use it within. But still, you’d better choose the emoji which are well-known by a recipient to avoid awkward situations.

Emoji Type

Emoji Type application screenshot

If you do not want to choose an image looking through hundreds of them, download this app. It offers emoji corresponding the text when you are typing a message. It is really a cool option.

Emoji Free

Emoji Free application screenshots

Here you will find a long list of lively, non-moving, art emojis for free. The images are easily added to texts. You can mix them and create unique images with interesting emoji fonts.


Well, I hope the above list will be enough to sink a battleship. You can install one of them for a time and later replace it by another. Try them all because there are differences, and you can decide on the best one meeting your requirements.