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Have you ever heard of a music that was so catchy yet you can hardly identify the title of that song? Whether the song is totally new to you or you only recognize the music by some of its lyrics or tunes, you do not have to waste your time searching the web because you can easily identify them with this brilliant app. Shazam is designed to recognize any songs that are playing in the background and it can give you the results in just one tap. Whether you are dining in a restaurant or you are in a bus and suddenly a catchy music started to play, you can use this app to easily identify the song without going through any extensive research. The mobile app absolutely works like magic but it’s actually the amazing technology behind it that makes Shazam an incredible application. Interestingly, Shazam is more than just a useful song recognition mobile app. Once the song is identified, you can actually listen to the full song and even sing along with the music as it comes with the complete lyrics. It also comes with music video that you can watch and enjoy. Your discovery will also give you additional access and information regarding to the artist who sang them. You can be updated with Shazam’s real-time charts and discover the latest and hottest music today. You can also connect Shazam with your Spotify and add the songs in your playlist. What makes it even more engaging is the fact that this app can work offline, making it extremely useful everywhere you go. Shazam is also taking their application to an all new level! Aside from the audio recognition, they are taking another great step as they introduced the visual recognition which allows users to witness amazing augmented reality in selected items. Through this app, you can tap the Camera icon and move the camera on top of any Shazam posters, magazines, books and more and be amazed of this highly innovative form of brand advertising. On top of these amazing features, you can also connect your Shazam to any of your social network accounts and share your wonderful discoveries and also to see what others are Shazaming about! A brilliant and useful app indeed.
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